Forensic Consultation

Depending on the complexity of a family law, civil litigation or competency case, the attorney representing a party may determine that the assistance of a psychological consult will permit him or her to better understand the psychological issues in their case.

Dr. Mellen’s experience and training in Family Court and Civil Court can be particularly helpful with trial preparation including developing examination questions, reviewing an evaluation completed by a different provider, serving as a fact witness and providing expert testimony that may include identifying peer reviewed research to support a case. Dr. Mellen can also assist with formulating case theories from a psychological perspective and identifying and explaining psychological issues involved in a legal case.

These consultations may be considered confidential. Her role in a case is usually identified at the time of the initial consultation and a contract is developed between Dr. Mellen and the attorney. In these cases, Dr. Mellen’s involvement will not be disclosed. However, it may be that a consultant will be later asked to testify in court regarding identified issues and a contract can be amended.

Dr. Mellen recognizes that when serving in a consultation role, that it is extremely important to adhere to the ethical principles and standards of her profession if she is to be of value to your case and to the Court. Dr. Mellen is an ethically informed consultant, so if your professional needs create ethical conflict, she will explain the limitations imposed on her early in the consult and offer recommendations as to how her services can be best used for your particular case.