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Selecting a Forensic Mental Health Professional

Competent, experienced and credible with the Court

The selection of a forensic mental health professional who can assist in a legal case means finding a forensic specialist who is competent, experienced and has credibility with the Court. A psychologist’s knowledge in psycho-legal matters is relied upon by the Court. Dr. Mellen adheres to the highest forensic and ethical standards of her profession and will rely on scientifically accepted methods of inquiry as well as current scientific research when forming opinions.

Dr. Mellen has put her knowledge and expertise to work in court related matters for over 30 years. She is dually licensed in Arizona and California and is well respected by attorneys practicing in Family Court and Civil Court. Whether providing evaluation or therapeutic services directly to an examinee involved in a legal case or consulting directly with a lawyer representing a client in a legal matter, Dr. Mellen’s scientific expertise and psycho-legal knowledge will help insure the best possible legal outcomes for clients and in the case of Family Court, best possible outcomes for families and children. 

After reviewing the credentials of a prospective forensic professional, the selection process may seem difficult. Your attorney likely has experience working with mental health professionals who provide the services you need and can provide you with names of providers to consider. Family members and friends may also serve as good referral sources, however, as the selection of a professional to work with is also a personal decision it may be wise to arrange for a short conference with providers you are considering. Dr. Mellen can be contacted to arrange for a short telephone conference in order to answer your questions about the process she follows when she is appointed to provide any of these court related services. If she determines that she is not a good fit for your needs she will provide names and contact information for providers who have the training and expertise needed in your court case and who may be better able to serve you and your family. 

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